How's the Ada County Real Estate Market

Assisting buyers with real estate in the Boise area is a primary part of my job. In order to help a buyer (or seller) make an educated decision on purchasing a home, it's vital to know the market. Here's the latest from Boise Regional Realtors on the Ada Count Housing Market.  Ada County consists of Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star, and Kuna.  

Overall you can see that we're in quite a strong market.  The median home price in Boise has gone up 10% and our inventory has dropped significantly into a pretty low supply.  Even still, I've been able to successfully negotiate for buyers to get certain terms like "seller paid closing costs".  As we head into the fall and winter, expect to see even fewer homes on the market and maybe even fewer sales.

Its fair to say that now is still a good time to buy, prices aren't skyrocketing and interest rates are extremely favorable.  Not sure where to start?  Check my page on BUYING for everything you need to know.